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The premise behind the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Solve initiative seems to be that the more bright minds you can focus on solving some of the world's toughest challenges, the better the solutions will be. It's a smart approach, which is why we like to highlight such opportunities – from Council Lead Partner Deloitte's tech-focused Conquering Cancer XPRIZE to our own grant competition to help make cities more livable, workable and sustainable to this latest MIT challenge you can read about below.

Solve says its mission "is to solve world challenges by unearthing the best solutions to specific actionable challenges through open innovation, building and convening a community of private, public, non-profit, and academic leaders to bring resources to bear, and supporting these solutions to become a reality by brokering partnerships between the Solve community members that drive real and lasting impact."

By crowdsourcing solutions, Solve intends to leverage the collective thinking and experience of people living in different communities around the world to surface fresh ideas that can be piloted and resourced in response to a series of specific prompts.

In this year's challenge, Solve is looking for innovative ideas on three topics:

  • Refugee education: How can we improve learning outcomes for refugees and displaced young people under age 24?
  • Chronic diseases: How can we help people prevent, detect and manage chronic diseases, especially in resources-limited settings?
  • Carbon contributions: How can individuals and corporations manage and reduce their carbon contributions?

So if you are an inventor, technologist, entrepreneur, practitioner or issue expert working on climate change, refugee education, or chronic diseases you can learn more about the Solve effort here.

Deadline for applications is Jan. 20, 2017. Finalists selected will be invited to pitch their solutions at Solve at United Nations in March and those who make that cut will move on to join the Solve community and present their solutions to leaders from the private, public, nonprofit and academic sectors at Solve at MIT in May.


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