Upward Mobility

Donation platform gives Chicago renters an easy way to support a local nonprofit

Fri, 2016-08-05 06:00 -- Compassionate C...

Amazon has its AmazonSmile program; grocers often ask for charitable contributions at checkout. Now owners of Chicago's largest rental property are making it easy for their residents to donate to charity when they pay their rent. Click for details (and share them with rental property owners in your town).

The case for using technology to close Latin America's education gap

Tue, 2016-07-19 06:14 -- Compassionate C...

The most important competitive asset Latin America has is its youth – yet millions of young people in that region are not in school or at risk of dropping out. Read why Cisco Lat-Am exec Jordi Botifoll says digitizing education is the answer, and the path to innovation, inclusion, jobs and competitiveness.

67 cities, counties and states join Data-Driven Justice Initiative

Tue, 2016-07-05 06:00 -- Compassionate C...

Diverting low-level offenders with mental illness out of the criminal justice system is one goal of a new White House initiative. Read about the push for innovative strategies that will stop the cycle of incarceration and what they could mean for your local jail – and those inside it.

5 ways open data can improve opportunities for economic mobility

Wed, 2016-06-29 13:45 -- Compassionate C...

The Obama Administration released a package of federal and local datasets earlier this year when it launched The Opportunity Project. The idea was to enable local leaders, technologists and citizens to use the data to tackle inequities that limit opportunity and upward mobility in their communities. Click to see some of the results.

How technology and old tires are creating jobs and preventing waste

Mon, 2016-06-20 15:00 -- Compassionate C...

South Africa has a staggering jobless rate. It also has a serious tire problem -- by some estimates 250,000 tons of old tires that are a breeding ground for disease-spreading vermin and mosquitoes, among other concerns. Read how Oracle technology is helping a nonprofit turn those tires into new products and sorely needed jobs.

Investing in upward mobility: 6 billion-dollar bets

Mon, 2016-06-13 13:35 -- Compassionate C...

In the U.S. we call it the American Dream -- the notion that working hard and playing by the rules will lead to prosperity. Today that dream is out of reach for increasing numbers of young people in the U.S. and around the world. Yet new research shows how six targeted philanthropic investments – including an early dose of technology – could change that.